Blue Goose Inn 

St. Clair Shores, MI

 Friday June 7, 2002

In spite of the closing of Jefferson, about twenty gathered at the restaurant for lunch before the school tour.  A great fried fish lunch is still only a little more than $3 and it was a lot of food.  The fun was just beginning!


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Chris Raczkowski (62)
Mike Bird (67)
Jean Mason (62)
Larry Thomas (61)
Dave Davies #20 (61)

Mike Bird (67) speaking to the class of 65 reps Tim Berthiaume and Jim Delehant and  Duane Farmer (63) on the art of the horse.

Alan Darnell (63) and Bill Bennett (62)

Alan Darnell (63) and Darlene Adams (64)

Larry, Dave and Steve Harvey (62) discussing some old moves.


Alan Darnell, Bill Brown, Darlene Adams and Bill Bennett