Chillin' with the homies....

1st Row: Jerry Schwarz 64, Jack Lombardo 61, Steve Harvey 62, Chuck Brown 62, John Werden 62 2nd Row: Mike & Dennis Hammond 64, Ron Wesley 65, Alan Darnell 63, Mike Bird 67, Dave Davies 61 Back Row: Tim Dombrowski 64, Larry Molloy 64, Jim St. John 64, Gary Kemp 61, Larry Miller 61, Larry Thomas 61, Tom Weir 60
Gary and Larry Shampo Class of 1960 attendees So much to say, so little time... Ray Mortier giving Gary a bear hug. Garry Buck  63
Mike Bird 67 and his lady Sharon Alan Darnell 63 chatting with Bev Pringle Trompeter 64 and her husband. Somebody pass the chicken.....


Pat Carneal Worobec Class of 64 Jim St. John 64 tellin' about his beautiful grandbabies.
Cathy Howe 62, Linda Vinton 64 and Mr. Crellin. Gary really enjoying his first reunion! Lots of yearbooks and photos to look at. Cathy and Linda Howe 62 Linda Vinton giving Ray a look.   Viv and Vern Socia 64 are sitting at the table.